• Discovery

    Yangtze Gold Discovery: Yichang to Chongqing



    DAY 1

    20:00                      Check in         
    21:30                      Cruise introduction   

    DAY 2

    06:30                      Depart  from  Yichang         
    06:30-07:00            Morning coffee, and Taiji exercise.        
    07:00-08:30            Breakfast (buffet)        
    08:30-11:00            Shore  excursion to Three Gorges Tribe (optional)        
    10:00                      Lecture about acupuncture         
    10:45                      Set sail , passing through the Xiling Gorge        
    12:00-13:30            Lunch(buffet)        
    14:00-16:30            Shore excursion to the Three Gorges Dam        
    16:30-21:00            Set sail ,passing through the Three Gorge Ship Locks     17:00-18:00            Happy  hours        
    18:20-19:00            Captain welcoming party         
    19:00-20:30            Supper (buffet)        
     21:00                     Dancing  Ball   

    DAY 3

    06:30                      Morning coffee, and Taiji.        
    07:30                      Set sail ,passing through the Wu Gorge        
    07:00-08:30            Breakfast (buffet)        
    08:30-12:30            Shore excursion to the Lesser Three Gorges by boat      12:30-14:00            Lunch(buffet)        
    14:00                      Set sail ,passing through the Qutang Gorge        
    15:00-17:30            Shore  excursion to  White Emperor City (optional)        
    15:00-16:00            Lecture about  Chinese  Painting        
    19:00-20:30            Supper(buffet)        
    20:30                      Entertainment show

    DAY 4

    06:30-07:00           Morning coffee, and Taiji exercise.        
    07:00-08:30           Breakfast(buffet)        
    08:3o-10:30           Shore excursion to  the Ghost City of Fengdu        
    12:00-13:30           Lunch (buffet)        
    15:00-17:oo           Movie  time         
    15:00-18:00           KTV  time
    16:00-21:00           Commodities on sale        
    19:00-20:30           Supper(table dinner)        
    20:00-23:00           Check  out        
    21:00                     Entertainment  show

    DAY 5

    07:00-08:00          Breakfast(buffet)        
    08:00-09:00          Check out        
    09:00                    Disembark at Chongqing






































    *1、The above itineraries are subject to change due to weather conditions, water level, navigation and seasonal conditions.        
    2、 If there is additional time, one or two optional shore excursions may be organized according to sailing conditions.  The optional shore excursions include White Emperor City, Three Gorges Tribe or Three Gorges Bamboo Sea. The fee for the optional shore excursions is not included in the cruise package.        
    3、In case of maintenance on the Three Gorges Dam ship locks, or if the flow of the river’s upper reaches exceed 40,000 cubic meter per second during flood season, our ships will instead embark and disembark at Maoping pier, west of the ship locks on the outside of Yichang. We will be responsible for the transfer between Maoping and Yichang .        



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